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Can LM transport wheelchairs and walkers?

Yes! We can easily transport both.

Does LM have an automatic lift for people unable to transfer from a wheelchair to the vehicle?

At this time, we do not have an automatic lift to transport clients. We only transport clients who are able to safely transfer themselves to the vehicle. This means getting to the vehicle by walker and/or wheelchair, and being able to independently enter the vehicle with minimal assistance.

Does LM provide their own cleaning supplies when doing housekeeping?

No. We ask that our clients supply the cleaning supplies they would like used in our housekeeping services. We do not want to risk cross-contamination by transporting vacuums, cleaning supplies, etc. from one client to the next.

Can LM take me to Winnipeg?

No. Life Matters does not transport clients outside of the Brandon city limits.

Does LM provide overnight services of any kind?

Yes! Overnight respite service or "sitters" can be provided.

When LM goes shopping for a client, will they deliver and also unpack the groceries?

Absolutely!  Unpacking groceries is part of our shopping services.

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